Sustainable fuel and Development

The technology is simple. Land, water, sunlight, nutrients and CO2 are the inputs. Through photosynthesis, the outputs are oil bearing seeds and oxygen. So our Ghana plantation will:

  • - Remove thousands of tons of CO2 from the atmosphere each year
  • - Provide jobs for over 1000 people in rural communities in Ghana
  • - Bring into use, land in a semi arid area, which is not suited to food agriculture
  • - Reduce the use of fuels produced from crude oil

Each Jatropha tree absorbs approximately .006MT (14lbs) of CO2 annually.To offset the C02 from a typical European car would require the cultivation of 500 Jatropha trees.
We have made a good start. Our pilot farm of 100 Hectares has 100,000 trees. We have plans to expand further on to more of the 50,000 hectares we manage in partnership with three villages in Ghana. 

Jatropha Africa utilizes marginal land. We do not displace the production of food. We have long term profit sharing agreements with the people of the villages where we are expanding our Jatropha cultivation activities. We respect their traditions and provide jobs, which has resulted in us being respected as a good employer.
Our management team is experienced in establishing and developing business activities in Ghana, and in supplying seeds and oil to the US, Europe and across Africa.

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